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Journalists tell stories, so here’s mine.


My name is Grant Johnson, and I am a visual storyteller and video producer from Dallas, TX, currently studying Television & Digital Media Production at Ithaca College.


I discovered the art of storytelling after joining my high school broadcast team, and during one of my first assignments, I quickly realized I had found my calling. I stepped over live wires and burned toys with a video camera in my hand in the home of a young couple who lost everything to a fire. I walked out of their house after the interview, a changed person, ready to share every story I could find. So I did. I produced over 100 video packages in high school covering protests, COVID-19, and school safety, all while fighting for student press rights on national advisory boards after experiencing censorship from school administration. In 2021, I was named the National High School Journalist of the Year Runner-Up.


I packed my bags and headed to the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College in New York, where I

currently attend classes on a full scholarship. My goals are still the same and with every story I tell, I do it with the hopes that it makes an impact on someone. While I recognize that I am just at the start of my career, my desire to innovate my storytelling and take a next-generation approach sets my work apart from others. I continue to expand my knowledge in all areas of journalism and cover the stories that matter to my community, whether I am back in Dallas or in my second home in Ithaca. 


Journalism has left its mark on my life, and now, it's my turn to leave a mark on journalism, one story at a time.


Grant Johnson hosting ICTV Reports on ICTV.
Grant Johnson with Emily Hung at the 2022 JEA National Journalism Convention.
Grant Johnson at the 2023 STN National Convention.
Grant Johnson anchoring the 2021 Apple Fest livestream.
Grant Johnson with the students he mentors at Ithaca High School.
Grant Johnson with co-anchor, Tatum Dowd on Newswatch.
Grant Johnson on Newswatch.
Grant Johnson anchoring Hill Top News.
Grant Johnson assisting a crew member with rundown.
Grant Johnson teaching broadcast writing at a local high school.
Grant Johnson hosting a dance event.
Grant Johnson teaching a session at the 2023 STN National Convention.
Grant Johnson accepting an award for Newswatch.
Grant Johnson with co-anchor Madison Wells and Cathy's Critters.
Grant Johnson operating a field camera.
Grant Johnson operating a studio camera.
Grant Johnson speaking at a local middle school.
Grant Johnson anchoring an Earth Day show.
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