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Journalists tell stories, so here’s mine.


My name is Grant Johnson and I am a visual storyteller and video producer from Dallas, TX currently studying Television & Digital Media Production at Ithaca College.


I discovered the art of storytelling after joining my high school broadcast team and during one of my first assignments, I quickly realized I found my calling. I stepped over live wires and burned toys with a video camera in my hand in the home of a young couple who lost everything to a fire. I walked out of their house after the interview, a changed person ready to share every story I could find. So I did. I produced over 100 video packages in high school covering protests, COVID-19, school safety, all while fighting for student press rights on national advisory boards after experiencing censorship from school administration. In 2021, I was named the National High School Journalist of the Year Runner Up.


I packed my bags and headed to the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College in New York where I

currently attend classes on a full scholarship. My goals are still the same and with every story I tell, I do it with the hopes that it makes an impact on someone. While I recognize that I am just at the start of my career, my desire to innovate my storytelling and take a next-generation approach sets my work apart from others. I continue to expand my knowledge in all areas of journalism and cover the stories that matter to my community, whether I am back in Dallas or in my second home in Ithaca. 


Journalism has left its mark on my life, and now, it's my turn to leave a mark on journalism, one story at a time.


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